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March 3, 2022

via Science Night Podcast

Vancouver Quadra candidates wrestle with environmental policy

September 8, 2021

via The Ubyssey

Green Party Talking Code Red for Humanity on Climate Crisis

September 2, 2021

via NetNewsLedger

Green Party of Canada nominates second climate scientist to run in Vancouver in upcoming federal election

August 22, 2021

via Charlie Smith at the Georgia Straight

April 26, 2021

via Tuning in to the Forest podcast

March 3, 2021

via the Science Networkers podcast

December 29, 2020

via Popular Science

December 17, 2020

via Queer Science! podcast

October 16, 2020

via Climate Change in the Multiverse podcast

October 16, 2020

via the Ubyssey

October 14, 2020

via UBC AMS and GSS

October 1, 2020

via Women In Environmental Science podcast

June 21, 2019

via Kelsey Mohammed, CBC News

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