Who is Devyani?

Tropical Leaves


Growing up in India as a child of a military officer, I was moving constantly, stability came from my family. I would spend all summers and vacations at my family's home in the Indian Himalayas. It is here that my love and connection with nature began.


Even in the 90s, I could see the impacts of climate change on the ecosystems that I loved – receding glaciers, burning forests, and the near extinction of species I saw as a child.


As a woman in India, I did not have the opportunity to be a climate scientist or a wildlife warden (as I wanted). So, in my young mind I chose business, believing I could make enough money to open Animal Shelter homes and run an NGO to protect the environment.



My expertise is in energy and climate policy, oil and gas emissions, household energy, and environmental finance.

I have earned the following degrees :

  • Ph.D. in Energy and Climate Policy from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia.

  • MBA in Finance from the University of Iowa.

  • Masters in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University.

  • Bachelors in Commerce (Honors)  from Delhi University.




Global Energy Policy

I worked with the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas on their national policy for clean cooking access to 80 million households in India and developed estimates of their policy's impact on climate change.


Sustainable Forestry

I worked with with First Nations in Bella Coola, BC on a sustainable forestry initiative to create a business plan for non-timber forest products and helped create an essential oils company.


Oil and Gas Industry

I am currently working on research and accountability of methane emissions from oil and gas fracking.


I worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for Best Buy Corporate HQ and Whirlpool Global HQ.

I am Dr. Devyani Singh, a proud resident of Vancouver - Quadra, and I am running to bring more honesty, science, and transparency to Parliament.

As a fellow resident, I understand the problems faced in our riding – a safe return to school, climate change, the need for affordable and accessible childcare and healthcare, post-secondary education, and social and racial justice.

As a climate scientist I know first-hand how crucial the next 4 years are for getting the right policies in place if we are to leave a livable planet for future generations.


As a finance professional, I understand that diversifying our economy from fossil fuels is the way to ensure that we have a resilient future, one where the people and planet both prosper.


As an immigrant, I know the struggles faced when we first arrive in Canada. As an international student, I have felt the lack of funding opportunities available to residents and citizens and struggled to make ends meet.


As a queer woman of colour, I have been at the receiving end of various racist and homophobic incidents.


As a renter, who spent more than 80% of my student stiped on rent, I understand the struggles faced by half of this city and others in BC.

These are my lived experiences, which have made me the passionate individual that I am today – one who is willing to do whatever it takes for an equitable society and a green future. One who will not stop fighting for social, racial, and environmental justice.

As your MP, I will be committed to find implementable solutions through community consultation and scientific research.