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I am Dr. Devyani Singh, a proud resident of Vancouver - Quadra, and I am running to bring more honesty, science, and transparency to Parliament.


As a fellow resident, I understand the problems faced in our riding – worsening climate, unaffordable housing, inaccessible mental health care, increase in racism, and the loss of small businesses.


As a climate scientist I know first-hand how crucial the next 4 years are for getting the right policies in place if we are to leave a livable planet for future generations.


As a finance professional, I understand that diversifying our economy from fossil fuels is the way to ensure that we have a resilient future, one where the people and planet both prosper.


As an immigrant, I know the struggles faced when we first arrive in Canada. As an international student, I have felt the lack of funding opportunities available to residents and citizens and struggled to make ends meet.


As a queer woman of colour, I have been at the receiving end of various racist and homophobic incidents.


As a renter, who spent more than 80% of my student stipend on rent, I understand the struggles faced by half of this city and many others across Canada.


These are my lived experiences, which have made me the passionate individual that I am today – one who is willing to do whatever it takes for an equitable society and a green future. One who will not stop fighting for social, racial, and environmental justice.

As your MP, I will be committed to find implementable solutions through community consultation and scientific research.


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