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Dr. Devyani Singh is standing at Kits beach. In the background is the ocean, beach, downtown


Scientist: Energy & Climate Policy

Community Garden


I am a scientist working on energy and climate policy. My interdisciplinary research has included energy access & transitions in the Global South, air quality (GHG emissions accounting), evaluating climate impacts of national policies, natural resource economics, environmental [carbon] finance, forest sustainability, and methane emissions from oil and gas production. I currently study natural climate solutions. 



The planet has suffered from uncontrolled extraction and exploitation for the past century and needs to rebuild its life-supporting ecosystems. As someone who is willing to do whatever it takes for an equitable society and a green future, and to fight for social, racial, and environmental justice, I got into politics in 2020. I ran for provincial (2020), federal (2021) and municipal (2022) office. Now I am looking to to run in the next BC provincial election.



I have coordinated multiple research projects across sectors (industry, academia, government, Indigenous communities, and non-profits) and countries (India, Canada, US), where I led research design, research execution, and communication (via peer-reviewed papers, reports, presentations, social media etc.). I have given public talks, interviews, and podcasts, and been part of science communication efforts such as Skype a Scientist. 


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