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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 31, 2021 VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green Party of Canada candidate for Vancouver Quadra, Dr. Devyani Singh announced today the endorsement of Dr. David Suzuki, the longtime climate activist, science broadcaster and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. “Even in the 90s, as a child growing up in the Indian Himalayas I could see the impacts of climate change on the ecosystems that I loved – receding glaciers, burning forests, and the near extinction of species. The climate crisis remains the biggest threat to humanity because the status quo parties have failed to adequately address it.” said Singh. “I’ve spent my career as a scientist trying to get people in all parties to listen to science, but I’m tired of waiting for them to act. I am honoured to have the legendary Dr. David Suzuki support me as his climate champion. He’s been on the front lines of climate justice since before I was born and to know that he is with me now means the world to me.” On endorsing Dr. Singh, Suzuki noted that she is the best candidate in Vancouver Quadra to take the action necessary on the climate crisis. “For six years, Justin Trudeau’s government has claimed to take climate change seriously, yet continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry,” said Suzuki, “In 2015, I voted strategically in my riding of Vancouver Quadra for Liberal Joyce Murray, yet she continues to justify the Trans Mountain pipeline. Murray is whipped.” After the disappointment of the Liberal’s lack of climate action, Suzuki refuses to allow for fear-based appeals for strategic voting to influence his choice, and instead will endorse a candidate who both understands the problem and the solutions necessary to tackle the climate crisis. “We need climate champions in all parties who will work together. Dr. Devyani Singh is one of them. Not only is she a scientist, she has spent her career developing real solutions to transitioning away from fossil fuels, while ensuring no one is left behind. “Voters in Vancouver Quadra can choose a candidate who will not be whipped, and who will work for a cleaner, richer planet for all humans. Devyani is the best candidate in Vancouver Quadra to fight climate change. Please vote for her.” -30-

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