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Science is political and so are snap elections

Snap elections should not be called during an ongoing global pandemic - the Liberal government sees this as the perfect opportunity to gain seats hoping that not enough voters will be motivated or be able to exercise their right to vote.

While we do not have a choice on the timing of this election, we do have a choice in what we do with our voices and our actions. I am proud to use my voice to elevate the concerns of those who see the way Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have prioritized power and privilege over everything from the environment and the COVID-19 response, to their relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

I believe that as a Member of Parliament with the Green Party of Canada, that I can move the voices of Vancouver Quadra beyond partisan politics and deliberate inaction.

It does not take a climate scientist to see how the deadly heat waves and wildfires in BC illustrate what our future will look like if we continue on the path of climate denialism. It is not enough to make vague promises of “net-zero” emissions by 2050 while continuing to expand fossil fuel production. We are running out of time if we are to keep climate impacts at a minimum. I have dedicated my career to planning for a net negative pathway that includes a just transition that ensures fossil fuel workers are not left behind. As MP I will work in Ottawa to further this goal, while acknowledging that people struggling with their health and debt do not have the ability to focus on the climate crisis.

As a Green, I will continue to advocate for Universal Basic Income, true universal health care including dental, mental health, and prescriptions, and eliminate federal student loan debt. I will also work with Indigenous Nations and communities across what is currently called British Columbia and Canada, and endeavour to learn how I can best represent those within and without the boundaries of this riding over the coming weeks.

Of course, none of this work would be possible without the help of an amazing team. I am looking for volunteers, donations, and those willing to simply spread the word. Please visit to learn more and to join our team.

A final but important note. Elections Canada requires me to get the consent of at least 100 registered voters in Vancouver Quadra to run in the next election. This is an urgent task as I won’t be allowed to run otherwise. Please nominate me today.

If you’ve already nominated me, thank you! Feel free to print out the nomination form on my website and get your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours in Quadra to sign as well.

Thank you

Dr. Devyani Singh for Vancouver Quadra

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