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Dr. Devyani Singh seeks Green Party of Canada nomination in Vancouver Quadra

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 25, 2021 VANCOUVER, B.C. – Climate scientist and economist Dr. Devyani Singh announced her campaign on Wednesday to seek the nomination for the Green Party of Canada in Vancouver Quadra. Singh previously ran for the BC Green Party in Vancouver – Point Grey, finishing with the highest vote percentage for a Green candidate in this riding in 15 years. Since earning a Ph.D. in Climate and Energy Policy from The University of British Columbia, she has dedicated her life to reducing harm to the environment from human activity: working on projects such as clean cooking access for 80 million households in India, working with First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest on sustainable forestry, researching methane emissions from fracking in Canada and the US, and recently looking at the economic feasibility of a just transition to a cleaner future. “My commitment to social, racial, and environmental justice are matched by my desire to find implementable solutions through community consultation and scientific research,” said Singh. “I am a proud resident of Vancouver Quadra and I am running to bring more honesty, science, and transparency to Parliament. As Vancouver’s first Green MP I will channel my experience as a renter, a queer woman of colour, and an immigrant to do whatever it takes for an equitable society and a green future.” Dr. Singh is endorsed by Green Party of Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Dave Demers, Sustainabiliteens founder Harrison Johnston, and Dr. Amita Kuttner, an astrophysicist and former Green Party of Canada Leadership contestant.

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